Story Time!

In the year 2009, an 18 year old young man started his e-commerce journey by reselling digital products online to fund his college education.

By an off chance and with limited experience, he later joined a one-person e-commerce startup company at its inception, and in just a few years, that company grew to be one of South Africa's most recognized online stores. But there was one issue...

Grandma Couldn't Use It

He came home one day to a box full of items that they sold online, but they were not bought from the company that he worked for.

Grandma spent an entire afternoon shopping for these items in the nearest shopping centers.

"I just couldn't use the online thing. It was too cluttered, too complicated and I had no idea where to focus my eyes. So I went out and bought these." she said.

She was right. Most online shops are too concerned with jamming as many products, adverts, and useless content on a single page as possible. It becomes an uncomfortably overwhelming experience that neglects a very important aspect of convenient online shopping.

Great Customer Experience

...and that's what Keen Urbanite is keen on.

"I would like to extend thanks to the entire Keen Urbanite team for their friendly and professional customer service and fast delivery of my order."

- Peabo Linda

Keen Urbanite Customer

"Every year I upgrade my Samsung Galaxy Note and Keen Urbanite is where I will always go for the purchase as their service is simply splendid."

- Clerissa Faye

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