Awesome Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus Features

by Phumlani Mntambo

Two years after the release of the original Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, Samsung has followed up by releasing a much improved version in the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus. Below are some of the many great features that you will find on the Grand Prime Plus.

1. Smart Alert

It's true that we check our smartphones numerous times in one day. With Smart Alert, you won't have to unlock your device to see if you have any call or message notifications which need your attention.

By simply picking up your phone, your Galaxy Grand Prime Plus will vibrate and let you know if you have any new notifications, without you having to turn your display on.

To enable this feature:

Got to SettingsAdvanced FeaturesSmart Alert

2. Quick Launch Camera

If you need to take a quick picture, you should be able to do so quickly and with minimal effort - Quick Launch Camera allows you to do just that. To launch this feature, simply double tab the "Home" button from any screen.

3. One-Handed Operation

This features is usually found on the much larger Samsung Galaxy Note smartphones, but Samsung saw it fit to also feature it on the 5-inch Galaxy Grand Prime Plus.

The feature reduces the usable screen size and allows you to easily operate your Grand Prime Plus with just a single hand.

To enable this feature:

Go to SettingsAdvanced FeaturesOne-Handed OperationReduce Screen SizeDouble Tab "Home" Button

4. Easy Mute

You're in a meeting, you forgot to put your phone on silent and it rings. What to do?

With Easy Mute, you simply flip and place your Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus face-down and it silences itself whenever a call comes in or your alarm goes off.

To enable this feature:

Go to SettingsAdvanced FeaturesEasy Mute


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